EU: Several Possibilities for Dealing with Turkish Actions in Eastern Mediterranean


The European Union still adheres to its dual approach in dealing with Turkish actions in the eastern Mediterranean. This is represented in its openness to dialogue with Ankara on the one hand, and adopting stringent measures to protect European interests, on the other hand.

This is what was expressed by the spokesman for the EU’s High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell. He confirmed that Brussels rejects the negative Turkish behaviour, and calls for engaging in a constructive and effective dialogue with Ankara.

EU spokesman, Peter Stano, acknowledged that the European calls for calm and dialogue have not been met with any response from Turkey. He added that “we want to confirm that the Turkish measures have specific and clear effects, on relations between Brussels and Ankara.”

Stano hinted that EU Foreign Ministers were discussing a wide range of measures to be taken if Turkey continues its “worrying” approach.

The spokesman did not rule out responding to the Greek authorities “request to conduct an extraordinary meeting of Foreign Ministers to respond to the Turkish threats in the eastern Mediterranean”. He explained that the previously scheduled meeting in Berlin on the 27th of August, would be an appropriate opportunity to discuss the same matter.

Stano’s statements follow a move by Greece, which placed its armed forces on high alert on Monday. This is after Turkey’s seismic exploration ship “Oruç Reis” arrived in a bloc territorially disputed with Greece. That move has been described by Athens as a threat to peace and stability in the region.