Arab League Rejects Turkish Intervention in Libya, Iraq, and Syria


On Thursday, the Arab League (AL) Secretary-General, Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, discussed with Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, the recent developments of the region. Those include the Turkish interference in many Arab countries, notably Libya, Iraq, and Syria.

In a telephone conversation, Aboul-Gheit stressed that the AL stands against Turkish aggression in Arab affairs, and condemned the Turkish military actions in the region.

He said that Turkish interventions are targeting, and infringing on Arab national security. He affirmed that the League rejects any regional interference that threatens the security, safety, and stability of the Arab world. The Secretary General confirmed that they are working to form a unified Arab position, to counter Ankara’s actions.

On the 23rd of June, the Arab League held an extraordinary session via video conference, to discuss developments in Libya. It issued a 14-article resolution emphasizing “the need for restoring the Libyan state, and the role of its institutions in serving the Libyan people, away from foreign intervention.”

The resolution also referred to the “central role of Libya’s neighbouring countries in ending the Libyan crisis”, and urged the fight against “foreign interventions—regardless of their source and nature—that facilitate the transfer of terrorist, and foreign fighters into Libya”. The resolution also rejected the violation of international decisions on an arms embargo.

Aboul-Gheit stressed the importance of Egypt’s initiative for Libya, dubbed the Cairo Declaration.He claimed it laid out a comprehensive roadmap for settling the Libyan crisis, and provides executive steps and mechanisms to deal with the military, security, political, and economic aspects of the crisis.

The oil-rich country has been divided between rival administrations in the east and west since 2014. Tensions continue to build, due to not only a political and military stalemate but also the failure of international diplomatic initiatives to reach a truce.