Libya’s Ras Ejdair border crossing ill equipped to handle Corona threat


Mukhtar Al-Mansouri, Director of the International Health Oversight Office at the Ras Ejdair border crossing that separates Libya from Tunisia, said he had hoped neighbouring countries would close their borders to ensure the containment of the Covid-19 virus.

He added that the Ras Jedir crossing was ill equipped to monitor the health of those entering Libya.

Due to Libya’s limited capabilities, the country is finding it difficult to monitor the health of those entering its borders and assess whether they may have the virus.

The official said he had hoped Tunisia would close its borders, at least until Libya was prepared to confront the virus.

In a press statement, Al-Mansouri pointed out that the Ras Ejdair crossing lacks medical equipment and quarantine rooms, adding that staff is struggling to keep up with the huge numbers of Libyans crowding the border.

Al-Mansouri called on Libyans to be patient as staff must follow the correct public health procedures. As such, wait times for entry into Libya may be delayed.

Al-Mansouri asked the Libyan government to provide them with the necessary support and equipment needed to carry out their duties responsibly.