French Ambassador To Egypt Claims Libya Faces Division, Denounces Turkish Intervention


On Thursday, the French Ambassador to Cairo, St├ęphane Romatet, said that Egypt was facing a difficult situation in Libya, adding that it has the right to defend its national security.

In an interview with Extra News TV channel, Romatet confirmed that there is an almost daily exchange between French and Egyptian officials, to solve the Libyan crisis.

The French diplomat praised the Cairo Declaration initiative, that aims to put an end to conflict in Libya. He also noted that Turkey continues to violate the UN arms embargo.

Several countries, met in Berlin on the 19th of January, agreeing to respect the existing UN arms embargo, and support efforts toward a lasting ceasefire in the country. The Berlin summit gathered top officials from the UAE, Egypt, Turkey as well as the United States, France, Britain, and the European Union.

The French Ambassador also stressed the Libyan people’s right to determine their future, away from any external interventions.

He stated that the future of Libya does not depend on Turkey, adding that the Libyan people should join forces to foil any schemes that seek to dismantle their country. They must also work together to maintain Libya’s stability and security, which is part from Europe’s stability.