A Human Trafficker and 66 Migrants Detected in Zuwara


On Friday, the Zuwara Security Directorate announced the detention of 66 Asian migrants during a raid on an apartment belonging to a person accused of human trafficking.

In a statement, the directorate said that while tracking a person accused of human-trafficking, it was noticed that the accused, who is of Libyan nationality, had collected large quantities of food and water. When he was stopped, he appeared to be confused upon talking to him. The accused, known under the acronym of “R.A.Al”, is believed to have gathered and transported migrants to Europe by sea.

The directorate indicated that the accused person confessed that he was collecting food and water for illegal migrants, who lived in an apartment waiting for the right time to board the sea. Thus, a force from the Southern Zuwara Police Station raided the apartment to find 66 immigrants of Asian nationalities, mainly from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

They will be kept in custody and transferred to a temporary shelter until the completion of investigations, before being transferred to the competent authorities. All the 66 individuals are in good health.

The directorate confirmed that it is currently investigating the main suspect in this operation and taking the necessary measures against him.