Al-Takbali: Brotherhood Members are “Masters of Hypocrisy and Pragmatism” Who Only Care About Ruling


Ali Al-Takbali, a member of the Libyan Parliament, confirmed that the members of the Muslim Brotherhood are “masters” in hypocrisy and pragmatism, and are only interested in ruling.

“The Brotherhood members disavow their party and resign. Are they for religion and principle or only trade and brokerage?” Al-Takbali commented on the dissolution of the Zawiya Brotherhood branch in a tweet.

Last Thursday, members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the city of Zawiya submitted a collective resignation from the group and decided to dissolve its branch in the city, claiming that this move was meant to give priority to the supreme interests of the country, realizing the decline in their movement’s popularity.

Through their resignation, the former members of the Muslim Brotherhood indicated that their resignation was “in response to the call of many loyal people in the nation who want freedom, the establishment of a civil state in which citizens live and enjoy citizenship rights regardless of their intellectual orientation or political affiliation.” The group added that the country “is going through quarrels, alignments, and war on the homeland, in pursuit of militarising the state under the name of fighting the Muslim Brotherhood and the war on terror,” and that this is why they decided to dissolve themselves.

The statement also pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood has carried out revisions since 2015 in this regard, and accordingly decided to make a change that favours the supreme interest of the homeland and the citizen, by submitting a collective resignation from the Brotherhood, and considering its branch in Zawiya as dissolved from Thursday, August 13.