Italian Parliamentarians Urge Firm Stance Against “Turkish-Qatari” Military Intervention in Libya


Several Italian parliamentarians have urged their country’s government to adopt a firm stance against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan due to Ankara’s interference in Libyan affairs.

The Italian news agency ‘Nova’ quoted the group leader of Fratelli d’Italia in the Foreign Commission, Andrea Delmastro, as saying, “Sultan Erdogan with the Qatari authorities are proceeding with the armed occupation of Libya by imagining naval and air bases in the most embarrassing and deafening silence of the Italian government.”

“The government should come out of its international diplomatic lethargy and intervene harshly against the expansionist aims of Sultan Erdogan which are worryingly welded to Qatari interests by strategically occupying the Mediterranean,” he added.

On the other hand, the Italian agency Aki quoted Adolfo Urso, a senator in the opposition party of the Italian right-wing Fratelli, that “Libya is divided amidst the dazed silence of the Italian government.”

Urso considered the matter to represent a “betrayal to serve the vital interests of Italy,” calling on the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, to appear before Parliament to explain what is happening, considering it “the most dangerous defeat in our republican history.”

“The fate of Italy will not be determined by the local elections in Campania, the birthplace of Di Maio,” Orso added, “but in the Mediterranean, where we lose on the entire front in Libya as well as in Lebanon, Syria and the eastern Mediterranean.”