GNA Finance Minister: Delay in Vaccination Delivery by Central Bank Referred to General Attorney


On Tuesday, Finance Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Faraj Boumtari, attributed the vaccination crisis to the delay of the Central Bank in providing the necessary funds to the medical supply apparatus. He pointed out that holding the Ministry responsible for this matter is “untrue talk.”

This came in a video clip of Boumtari’s briefing session, in front of the deputies meeting in Tripoli. Boumtari added that the Central Bank has deliberately delayed the distribution of funds to the agency, estimated at 70 million dinars.

He noted that “What happened concerning the suspension of state employees’ salaries during the first quarter of this year, the failure to disburse allocations to the Ministry of Health, and other bodies, is because of the Central Bank.”

On Saturday, Boumtari criticized the Central Bank saying: “Parties within it monopolize the dollar and recycle fake credits. We are bound by monetary policy, and official bodies have acknowledged the inability to put an end to the policy of the Central Bank” he added, wondering “How did the black market have huge sums of dollars?”

The Minister also stressed the need to “put pressure on the bank, not the government, to solve many of the monetary policy problems.”