World Welcome Libya’s Ceasefire Announcement


A number of countries welcomed statements from the Libyan Parliament and the Government of the National Accord (GNA), declaring a ceasefire in the country.

The Italian Foreign Ministry said that Rome would “continue to carry out its active role of facilitation, for a political solution to the crisis. Italy urges all parties concerned to give a swift and substantive follow-up to the course mapped out by the communique from the Presidential Council (in Tripoli), and the Parliament (in Tobruk).”

It voiced its hope that there would be “concrete application of the ceasefire, to all the articulations of the petroleum industry, throughout the country.” The communique also said that Italy would continue to back the outputs of the Berlin Conference for peace under the aegis of the UN, and with the help of its EU partners.
Both statements called for demilitarising Sirte and Al Jufrah, and for a joint police force to be responsible for security there.

The UN Support Mission welcomed both statements, and called for the expulsion of all foreign forces and mercenaries in the oil-rich country.

The US Embassy in Libya tweeted that, “The US welcomes the statements of Prime Minister Fayaz Al-Sarraj, and Speaker of Parliament Ageela Saleh, as important steps for all Libyans. The United States will have more to say soon.”

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that he would not allow any foreign interference to further complicate the crisis. Macron urged the two parties to respect the arms embargo, while working on an effective ceasefire in Libya.The French President also called for initiating a political solution, after achieving complete ceasefire.

The Canadian Embassy in Libya welcomed the statement by Prime Minister Al-Sarraj and Parliament Speaker Saleh. Canada called on the parties to the conflict to resume the political process.

The GNA, which is based in the west of the country, issued a statement on Friday morning announcing a ceasefire across the country. It also called for the demilitarisation of the strategic cities of Sirte and Al-Jufrah, which are controlled by rival forces.

In a separate statement, Ageela Saleh, also called for a ceasefire. Both administrations called for an end to the oil blockade imposed earlier this year. The Tripoli-based government also called for parliamentary and presidential elections to be held in March.