Libya’s High State Council Rejects Political Solution


On Saturday, Libya’s High State Council announced its rejection of the political solution to the Libyan crisis saying: “We reject any dialogue with the war criminal Khalifa Haftar.”

“We highly appreciate the role of Turkey and Qatar in supporting us to repel Haftar’s aggression,” the Council added. It also urged Egypt to work “more realistically to ensure the achievement of common interests.”

The Council highlighted the need to end the rebellion and for the government to extend control over the country, by standing with the ceasefire. It pointed out that any upcoming dialogue must take place between the elected bodies according to the political agreement.

“The military must be rebuilt, the chaos of weapons proliferation must end, and irregular formations dissolved,” the Council added. It stressed the need to urgently end the transitional phase by conducting a referendum on the draft constitution.

The High State Council also called on parliament members to continue what was agreed upon between the two bodies.