Warshafana Elders Council Call on Security Directorates to Disobey GNA’s Interior Minister


On Sunday, the Libyan Council of Sheikhs and Elders in the Warshafana area called on security directorates to disobey any instructions or decisions issued by the Minister of the Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA). The Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha has been described by members of the Council as a “usurper of power” who always preys on Libyans with the help of Syrian mercenaries.

The announcement comes at a moment of repression against hundreds of Libyan protesters who took to streets today to denounce deteriorating living conditions in Tripoli.

The protesters, who were shot at during demonstrations, also stressed the necessity of expelling all Syrian mercenaries from their country.

Warshafana Elders also voiced their solidarity with the popular movement in all western cities, reiterating their rejection of Bashagha’s illegal practices that have harmed the country’s stability and have created a volatile situation in regions west of Tripoli.

They also affirmed their total rejection of the presence of Syrians in all Warshafana regions, noting that they such mercenaries are distorting the sacrifices made by Libyan revolutionaries to lay the foundations of a modern civil state.

On Sunday, hundreds of Libyans took to the streets in the capital Tripoli to protest the corrupt GNA and deteriorating living conditions in the country.

The protesters voiced their anger over what they called a “slow death” due to collapsing public services, corruption and economic pressures, before heading to central Tripoli’s Martyrs Square, where they were scattered by gunfire.