Parliament Speaker Saleh Discusses Combating Coronavirus with WHO Representative in Libya


On Monday, the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Ageela Saleh, held a meeting with head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) office in Libya, Elizabeth Hoff, in the presence of the Minister of Health of the Interim Government, Saad Agoub.

In a statement, the Parliament spokesman, Abdullah Belhaq, stated that Saleh has briefed Hoff on the health conditions and the epidemiological situation of coronavirus in all Libyan cities.

The meeting also discussed the work of the WHO in Libya and its support for the health sector in the country, especially with regard to providing all the necessary devices and equipment to detect the coronavirus, as well as precautionary and preventive measures to combat the pandemic.

Notably, the US government has pledged $13 million to international and national partners to bolster the COVID-19 response in Libya. This is part of more than $715 million, contributed by the US, to address humanitarian, stabilisation, and development needs in Libya since 2011.

On Sunday, Libya’s National Centre for Disease Control said that 11 people had recently died from COVID-19 and 572 others tested positive, while 11 patients had recovered.

The country’s tally now rose to 11,009 confirmed cases, including 199 deaths and 1,096 recoveries.