Supreme Council of Sheikhs Condemns Attack on Demonstrators in Tripoli


Libya’s Supreme Council of Sheikhs expressed its strong condemnation of the attack on peaceful demonstrators in Tripoli.

“The Supreme Council of Sheikhs of Libya monitors the tragic conditions the homeland is going through, including occupation, epidemics, deterioration of citizens’ conditions, everyday militias’ revenge, and death of hundreds of migrants at sea”, it said in a statement.

The Council claimed that “the invaders never wanted peace, rather, they sought to gain time. They prove every day the treacherous approach they pursue through statements issued by the Presidential Council, which is deprived of will, according to the instructions of the invaders.” The Council confirmed that this view was justified through past experiences and failures to commit to a truce by armed groups.

“The evidence gathered every hour after the announcement of the ceasefire confirms and proves to everyone that the ideological and criminal groups have no covenant. This is evident through their attacks on the city of Al-Asaba, the perpetration of the most heinous crimes against its people, and preparations for revenge attacks on other cities in western and southern Libya. They have also been mobilising their mercenaries to carry out new attacks on the oil fields, and target civilians demonstrating in Tripoli.”

The Council noted that those demonstrators were met with live fire, arrest, kidnapping, and torture. The demonstrators were peacefully protesting against the poor living conditions they are facing due to a lack of security and widespread corruption.