Libyan Embassy Incident in Minsk Was between Libyan Diplomats


On Thursday, the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that an incident at the Libyan Embassy in Minsk was caused by internal issues among staff.

In a statement, the Ministry explained, “According to our information, the incident was caused by internal divisions among Libyan diplomats.”

It added that, besides accredited diplomats as well as administrative and technical staff, the Embassy employs people guarding the embassy’s personnel. The statement noted that there were no complaints of injuries or beatings from any of the parties to the conflict. It was also specified that no one was detained by law enforcement.

The Foreign ministry announced that it is closely monitoring the situation around the Embassy. In accordance with international law, Belarus cannot and will not interfere with the internal affairs of a foreign diplomatic mission. Yet, it also cautioned that any action that violates public order also contradicts the Vienna Convention.

The Foreign Ministry also asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to strengthen community policing, in the area surrounding the diplomatic mission.