GNA Military Prosecutor Allows Undersecretary of Health Ministry to Travel to Turkey


The Military Prosecutor’s Office, which is part of the Ministry of Defence of the Government of National Accord (GNA), allowed Muhammad Haitham, the former Chairman of the Military Medicine Authority, and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health to travel to Turkey, despite an ongoing investigation on his alleged misuse of public funds and corruption.

Muhammad Grouda, a member of the prosecution from the Military Prosecutor’s office, sent a letter to the Passports, Nationality, and Foreigners Affairs Authority, allowing Haitham to leave Libya for Turkey via Mitiga Airport.

Libyan sources said on Friday that “a force affiliated with the Special Deterrence Force militia led by Muhammad Wafa, known as Al-Harba, attacked Haitham’s residence to capture him, but his guards confronted them.

The sources indicated an armed clash took place between the two sides, which resulted in the injury of the commander of the attacking group and the killing of the militiaman, Abu Bakr Buzheir, in addition to the killing and wounding of several Haitham’s guards.

On 20 August, the Military Prosecutor’s Office, part of the GNA Ministry of Defence, issued a travel ban for seven individuals including the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health. This decision is due to the ongoing investigations related to financial abuse in the military medical system and the wasting of public money meant to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

The text of the decision was signed by the Director of the Partial Military Prosecution in Tripoli, Ayoub Al-Ajili Ambach. He called for the seven individuals on the list, to be banned from traveling abroad, and for their passports to be confiscated.