GNA PM Pledges Administrative Reforms and Service Improvements in Libyan Municipalities


On Sunday, the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, held a meeting with a delegation of mayors from Libyan municipalities.

The delegation included mayors of the municipalities of Zintan, Msallata, Gharyan, Zahraa, El Azizia, Nalut, Hay Al Andalus, Abu Salim.

During the meeting, the municipalities reiterated their support to the GNA and the importance of joining their hands in addressing the current critical stage experienced by the country.

They also called on Al-Sarraj to carry out administrative and economic reforms in order to modernise services, improve citizens’ standard of living, and activate the local administration system.

On his part, the GNA Prime Minister welcomed the mayors of the municipalities and stressed the importance of their role in supporting state stability, noting that the Presidential Council will continue to carry out its duties in meeting all demands of the Libyan people and carrying out reforms in all aspects and in various fields.

During the meeting, Al-Sarraj also decided to allocate an urgent budget to the aforementioned municipalities, which will be disbursed in the coming weeks, in addition to approving a regulation of local revenues, and the opening of bank accounts for such revenues during the coming days.

Demonstrations began last Sunday in Tripoli, the seat of the GNA, against poor public services and living conditions, and gunmen fired on the crowd. Similar shootings occurred on Monday and Wednesday.

The protests pose a new challenge for a weak and divided GNA, which has failed to contain growing popular discontent and to absorb the anger of the demonstrators in the streets and squares of the capital, Tripoli.