Community of Sahel-Saharan States: Ceasefire Announcement Would Revive Libyans’ Hope for Stability


On Wednesday, the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) welcomed the statements made by the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the Speaker of Parliament, Ageela Saleh. The statements in question announced an immediate ceasefire and called for general elections to be organised in March 2021.

In a statement, the CEN-SAD also voiced its hope that the ceasefire announcement would be the start of real reconciliation between the warring parties in Libya, and bring an end to all hostilities in the country. It also urged the Libyan parties to continue on the path of dialogue, in order to preserve the unity of the country.

On the 21st of August, Libya’s rival governments announced in separate statements that they would cease all hostilities, and organise nationwide elections next year. This understanding was swiftly welcomed by the United Nations.