Wiliams: Libyan People are Frustrated and Miserable


The Acting Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Libya, Stephanie Williams, praised her meetings and consultations with Egyptian officials. They focused on the need to find a comprehensive political solution to achieve stability in Libya.

During an interview with “Extra News”, Williams stressed the need to find quick solutions, especially after the recent demonstrations in Tripoli. She indicated that the Libyan people are frustrated due to the lack of food commodities, as well as electricity and water shortages in many parts of the country. Electricity is known to cut off for up to 20 hours a day.

Williams pointed out that she attended the consultations to express her thanks to Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi for his prompt and sincere support for a ceasefire in Libya.

The head of the UN mission in Libya also confirmed that the Cairo Declaration is a Libyan initiative, spearheaded by Ageela Saleh, and supported by Egypt. She stressed that the best solution to the crisis should be Libyan-Libyan, despite Egypt’s strong relations with Libya, and the link between both countries’ security which contribute to the speed of resolving the crisis.