Local Government Committee Warns of Excessive Environmental Destruction


The head of the Local Government Committee in the Libyan Parliament, Idris Omran, expressed his deep concern over the widespread environmental destruction affecting the forests of the Green Mountain, located in north-eastern Libya.

Omran urged to stop the removal of large areas of the Green Mountain cover and the unique wild plants it harbours. He also warned of the dangers of overhunting, which threatens many local animal and bird species with extinction.

On World Land Day, Omran expressed his concern that large green areas in western Libya are being randomly removed to establish residential buildings or commercial ventures. He expressed his concern over the serious state of natural resources in the south, including palm trees which suffer as a result of neglect or exposure to agricultural pests.

He also warned that this could lead to further desertification and deprive the country of natural resources, which could have important negative economic consequences in the future.

Omran added that the marine environment has not been spared from degradation. He pointed out the exposure of large areas of the coast to pollution due to the throwing of industrial waste or sewage, in addition to fish resources being endangered because of overfishing or the use of law-prohibited fishing methods such as explosives.

The head of the Local Government Committee highlighted that Libyan law prohibits attacks on the environment. He urged the Ministry of Interior, Municipalities and Agricultural Police to play their role in preventing the destruction of forests, green spaces and reserves while holding those responsible for environmental degradation accountable.

Omran also called upon citizens to cooperate with the relevant official authorities. He confirmed that this cooperation is considered a national duty for everyone without exception.