Sudanese-Libyan Forces Liberate 22 People from Human Traffickers


The Sudanese-Libyan Joint Forces in the north of Sudan managed to liberate 19 Sudanese citizens and 3 foreigners from a human trafficking gang. The traffickers and their victims were on their way to Libya.

In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, the commander of the Sudanese-Libyan Joint Forces, Colonel Anwar Abdullah Mahmoud, confirmed that this achievement was the result of efforts, vigilance and close follow-up by the Sudanese-Libyan Joint Forces. The latter have been tackling human traffickers and curbing illegal immigration in the northern state of Sudan. The Colonel added that the Sudanese-Libyan joint forces will keep a watchful eye in order to protect state borders and prevent human trafficking crimes that threaten its security and stability.

The head of the Sudanese-Libyan Joint Forces Intelligence Division in the North, Lieutenant Colonel Malaz Hassan Mohamed Sorour, pointed out that the liberation of these 22 individuals from the human traffickers was due to the availability of sufficient information and accurate monitoring of the traffickers’ movements by the forces.

The Lieutenant Colonel highlighted the Joint Forces’ continued efforts and achievements in the field of protecting the northern state borders, limiting human trafficking and illegal immigration, and pursuing deportees from Libya. Sorour pointed out that the current year witnessed a significant increase in illegal immigration, and that the Sudanese-Libyan Joint Forces have provided all humanitarian aid to those who have been liberated from human traffickers.

Some human trafficking and illegal immigration victims praised the efforts of the Sudanese-Libyan Joint Forces and their role in saving them from human traffickers. They also warned the youth of the danger that illegal immigration represents to them as well as to the safety, security and stability of their homeland.