Libyan Health Minister Discusses Mechanisms to Contain Coronavirus


On Sunday, the Minister of Health of the Libyan Interim Government, and member of the Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus, Dr. Saad Agoub, met in his residence in Benghazi with several doctors working in health facilities in Ajdabiya

The Minister emphasized his keenness to attract qualified medical personnel to provide advanced medical services, as he got acquainted with doctors about their medical expertise and scientific qualifications.

Saad Agoub was also briefed on the health conditions in the municipality of Ajdabiya, the epidemiological situation, and the situation of people infected with Coronavirus who are undergoing treatment at the Medical Clinical Isolation Centre.

The Minister stressed the importance of expediting the treatment of those infected with Coronavirus, indicating that early treatment will stop the deterioration of patients’ health conditions and prevent them from moving to intensive care.

Agoub confirmed that the Ministry has implemented a series of measures to facilitate the speed of service provision and solve most of the outstanding technical problems to improve health services for citizens in the Ajdabiya municipality.

“We are completely aware of the difficulty in dealing with the virus, and we know that doctors put themselves in danger to save the lives of the infected, and if we treat patients quickly, we can prevent their health from deteriorating,” he added.

The minister indicated that the Corona virus threatened the world and Libya, and expressed his confidence that doctors are doing their best to save the lives of those infected with the virus.

A series of precautionary measures against COVID-19 has been taken by the Libyan authorities since the first case was announced in March. Such measures include closing the country’s borders, shutting down schools and mosques, banning public gatherings, and imposing a curfew.

China donated medical aid to Libya in June to help the country’s pandemic battle.