Libyan Interim PM Highlights Role of Municipal Guard Service


On Tuesday, the Prime Minister of the Libyan Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thinni, held a meeting with Major General, Tawfiq Al-Mismari, the chairman of the Municipal Guard Service.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Local Government, Adel Al-Zaidi, and the Chairman of the Acting head of the Municipality Council of Benghazi, Saqr Boujwari.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed the pivotal role of the Municipal Guard Service. Stating that it is no less important than any other security body, or institution in the country.

Al-Thinni also directed the head of the Municipal Guard to scale up action, and to use the powers granted to him to prevent all illegal activities. This particularly concerns food and drug security, as well as regulating commercial activities and facilities. The PM also discussed all the problems and obstacles facing the municipal body, and solutions to address them, to ensure the best performance of this vital institution.