Libya’s Parliament Speaker Calls for Forming Unified Government


Libyan Parliament Speaker, Ageela Saleh, called for forming “a unified government” that gains the confidence of the people and is supported by the international community.

Ageela said in a statement on Friday that the Parliament hopes to work on holding presidential and parliamentary elections within the period specified in the Cairo Declaration.

The Parliament pointed out it has assigned supervisory authorities to immediately investigate the suspicions of corruption raised, provided that the results are announced as soon as possible.

The Parliament affirmed the commitment of the Interim Government to the ceasefire declaration that was announced in Cairo.

“We are working to get the mercenaries out of Libya and to dismantle the armed militias,” the Parliament’s statement reads.

Ageela has denied that the purpose of the consultative meeting in Morocco was “to assign positions to specific persons.”

The statement concluded by saying the Libyan National Army is ready to respond to any attempt to breach the ceasefire.