Libya’s Parliament Speaker Calls for Sirte to Be HQ of Legislative and Executive Institutions


On Saturday, the Libyan Parliament Speaker, Ageela Saleh, called for the city of Sirte to become the seat of legislative and executive institutions as well as host the Central Bank of Libya during the preliminary phase of the political comprehensive solution.

This will enable the new authorities to practice their work, according to the Parliament Speaker.

Saleh highlighted Sirte’s central geographic location in Libya and added that the city will provide the necessary infrastructure for the new authorities’ work and the distribution of sovereign positions between the three regions of Libya.

Saleh said that each of the regions will separately choose its representative in the Libyan Presidency Council. The Council will consist of a president and two deputies.

He called on all concerned authorities to fulfill their duties within the specified period. The highest priority is to take constitutional and legal measures to hold the Libyan presidential and parliamentary elections on the scheduled date of March 2021.

The Parliament Speaker gave the aforementioned instructions in a statement welcoming the outcomes of the Libyan Consultative Meeting of Montreux, held on 7-9 September in Switzerland.

The meeting was held to reach a roadmap paving the way to hold the Geneva Dialogue sessions for a comprehensive solution in Libya.