GNA Interior Minister Calls on UNSMIL to Speed Up Dialogues to End Libya’s Crisis


Government of National Accord Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha praised the international efforts aimed at launching a political settlement in Libya.

He pointed out that “constructive political dialogue” is the only solution to end the Libyan crisis and save the country from political and institutional division.

Bashagha praised the efforts made by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) “to bring the teams together and overcome the difficulties.”

He also appreciated the “distinguished role” played by Stephanie Williams who is the Acting Special Representative in Libya of the United Nations’ Secretary-General. “We appreciate Williams’ efforts and her contributions in advancing the political process towards a solution,” Bashagha tweeted on Saturday.

The minister warned that division had led to the collapse of government services and economic activities. According to him, this breakdown requires urgent treatment without any obstruction because the citizens have grown tired of chaos and corruption. “I urge the UN mission to quickly set the deadlines for the dialogues, as the situation does not tolerate procrastination or manoeuvres,” Bashagha added.