China Accuses US of Being Greatest Obstacle to World Peace


On Sunday, the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of National Defence, Wu Qian, expressed firm opposition to a recent report released by the US Department of Defence. According to Wu, the report was further proof of the US’ intent to smear China and its military.

In a statement, Wu said that the report deliberately distorted relations between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese military. The report misinterpreted China’s national defines policy, military strategies, and hyped up the so-called “Chinese military threat.”

Wu confirmed that the US has long been recognized as the troublemaker and violator of world peace and order. He cited American involvement in the conflicts of Iraq, Syria, and Libya, as examples. He also noted that US military operations have resulted in over 800,000 casualties, and millions of internally displaced people. He described the report as a blatant act of hegemony and provocation, that has severely hurt bilateral and military-to-military relations.

The spokesman pointed out that the Chinese military will faithfully put to practice the vision of building a community with a shared future for humanity. It would firmly safeguard the purposes, and principles of the United Nations Charter, actively take part in regional security cooperation, and promptly provide international public security goods.
“The Chinese military is committed to safeguarding world peace, contributing to global development, and upholding international order,” Wu stressed.