Libyan Rivals to Sign Agreement Within Two Weeks


The Libyan Parliament Member Essam Al-Jahani stated that the delegations of the Parliament and the High State Council (HSC) had agreed on appointing heads of sovereign positions. This is according to Article 15 of the Skhirat Agreement.

In press statements, Al-Jahani said that the draft agreement would be signed by the leaders of the Parliament and HSC, after about two weeks.

The MP said “We have prepared a clear platform to push for the leaders of the seven sovereign positions,” and told that “We have added the Libyan Investment Corporation, the Development Fund, and the Libyan Foreign Bank to the discussion.” He also explained that a number of other important positions in the country may be subject to the authority of the Council.

The MP pointed out that the Skhirat negotiations were disrupted by the absence of a complete consensual state. This negatively affected its success, and resulted in wars, corruption, conflicts, and the plundering of wealth over the last five years. The two delegations are now trying to overcome the agreement’s shortfalls and reach a permanent solution, he said.

Al Jahani also said: “The mentality today is different, and there is sufficient maturity to solve the Libyan crisis. Libya needs concessions that may be painful to get out of the bottleneck in which we put ourselves.”

Al-Jahani noted that the Moroccan state has succeeded in sponsoring a Libyan-led dialogue, free from foreign interference. The upcoming sessions will determine the possibility of implementing all the initial agreements between the two delegations.