Demands of Demonstrators Recognised by Libyan Parliament


The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Libyan Parliament, Yousef Al-Agouri, said he understood the demands made by protesters in a number of cities in the Eastern Region.

According to the Media Office of the Parliament, Al-Agouri has said that peaceful protests are a basic right guaranteed by the law and the Constitutional Declaration.

Additionally, Al-Agouri stressed that the use of violence and the destruction of public and private property is unacceptable. He also explained that addressing youth problems should be a priority at this stage.

Al-Agouri pointed to the urgent need to work on the economic reform file that will allow Libya to improve life conditions and services, fight corruption, and improve the performance of the government.

He noted that this work is contingent on the successful return to a political dialogue guaranteeing stability in the country, and the resumption of oil exports which is Libya’s only income source.