EU Assists Libyans in Drafting Border Security Strategy


According to an internal European Union document, the EU will help write Libya’s national strategy for border security and management, the website EUObserver reported on Friday.

EUobserver claimed that it obtained a document dated September 1st. The document spells out what the EU’s Union Border Assistance in Libya (EUBAM) plans to do over the next six months.

The report indicated that there are increasing efforts from the EU to prevent migrants and refugees from fleeing the war-torn country.

The report said that EUBAM has launched a pilot project along with Italy and the EU’s border agency Frontex to train the Libyan coast guard, which has already been key in preventing migrants from fleeing to Europe.

The report notes that EUBAM is helping Libyan authorities to draft their maritime strategy and is now set to sign an agreement with Libya’s Interior Ministry. This new understanding would aim at enhancing relations between Libya and the EU, including on border management and law enforcement.

Notably, this agreement comes at a time when Covid-19 cases are spiking in Libya.