GNA Military Commander Rejects Oil Agreement with LNA


The GNA Military Commander in the Western Region, Major General Osama Juweili announced his rejection of the oil agreement, describing it as a “farce.”

“We are waiting for a clear position from the members of the Presidential Council regarding the alleged agreement,” Juweili said in a statement.

Earlier on Friday, Field Marshal Haftar announced the resumption of oil production and export “as long as it is not used to finance terrorism.”

The Spokesman for the LNA, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, said an agreement on fairly sharing Libyan oil revenues was reached to serve all Libyans residing in the eastern, western and southern regions alike.

Al-Mismari noted that committee will consist of Vice Chairman of the Presidency Council, Ahmed Maiteeq, Libyan tribal sheikhs, and members of the Libyan Parliament.