Boat Capsizes off Libya Coast


On Saturday, families of a number of young Egyptian revealed that at least 17 people are missing after a boat carrying their sons sank off the coast of Libya.

Sayed Munir, a relative of those young men, told Al-Arabiya TV channel that the boat was carrying a number of Egyptians, residing in Dahmasha city which is located in the Sharqia governorate in northern Egypt. He noted that the youth were going to Italy and that at least 17 of them are still missing.

Munir added that a Libyan citizen contacted the families of the victims and sent them photos of the survivors who are kept in Libya, adding that they had called on the Egyptian authorities to intervene to search for the missing persons and repatriate the survivors.

He stated that those young men boarded the boat from inside Libya last Saturday evening, noting that contact with them was lost after two days until the Libyan authorities recovered some of the migrants, with the rest of them still missing.

Notably, the International Organisation for Migration announced on Tuesday that a boat carrying migrants on its way to Europe capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya, resulting in the drowning of at least 24 people.