Libya’s Foreign Ministry Calls for Peace


The Interim Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for a sustainable, just, and lasting peace initiative for Libya. It stated that the disarmament of militias, and the expulsion of foreign mercenaries was a necessary step to achieve this peace.

This announcement came in a statement made by the Ministry, on the occasion of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, under the slogan “Forming Peace Together”.

The MoFA affirmed that in light of the global spread of wars, conflicts, and chaos, achieving peace was a top priority for the country. The statement added, “The language of the Democracy Fund should be used instead of the Arms Fund. No one should impose on the people.” It noted the UN’s call to impose a 24-hour truce and said it must be permanent as “the sound of guns and cannons must be silenced.”

The Ministry called for painful concessions from all parties, for the benefit of the Libyan people. It also stressed the need to work together towards a comprehensive reconciliation, where no party is victorious nor defeated.

“We call for our country to recover and bid farewell to division, war, and fighting with the participation of all Libyans. Nothing is more precious than peace, for the sake of present and future generations. Together we will build a state of citizenship, law, and institutions, not a state of conquest and exclusion.”