Libya’s GNA Economic Ministry confirms availability of basic commodities amid Coronavirus fears


On Tuesday, the Economic Ministry of Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) confirmed the availability of all basic commodities at markets, assuring the public that there is no need to panic amidst COVID-19 fears.

In a statement on Facebook, the Ministry called on citizens to report merchants who attempt to manipulate prices for subsided goods and essential medical supplies.

A few days ago, the Interior Minister of Libya’s GNA, Fathi Bashagha, called on the concerned authorities to clamp down on market speculation by monitoring pharmacies and medical equipment stores.

Although Libya is yet to confirm any cases of COVID-19, the government has taken strict measures to prevent an outbreak of the virus inside the country.

These include closing schools and universities, cancelling sporting and cultural events and banning public gatherings. Cafes, and restaurants have also been closed and public prayers in mosques have been suspended for two weeks.