Protesters Block Tripoli Roads with Burning Tires over Frequent Power Cuts


On Wednesday evening, demonstrators took to the streets of the capital city of Tripoli to express their anger over the frequent power cuts. The protesters blocked the Zliten coastal road, the Shatt and Al-Gararat road in Tripoli, to protest the permanent 24-hour power outage.

Eyewitnesses reported that the angry protesters set fire to car tires and closed the road in the Souk Al-Jumaa district of Tripoli.

Libyan activists circulated on social media videos and pictures showing fires and clouds of smoke rising as protesters set fire to tires, in addition to the closure of some main streets in the capital.

Sources in the Supreme Council of the Libyan State stated that the Libyan dialogue sessions in Morocco will resume next Sunday, pointing out that the members of the new Presidency Council are likely to be appointed in the coming days.

On 14 September, the Interim Government headed by Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni submitted its resignation to the Parliament Speaker, Ageela Saleh, after large-scale demonstrations. Protesters took to the streets to express their anger on the permanent power cuts, fuel shortages and the high cost of living.

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