Italian PM Calls for End of Foreign Interference in Libya


On Friday, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated that a political solution was the only way to resolve the Libyan crisis. He confirmed that peace will be achieved in Libya, if foreign interference stops.

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Conte described the developments in Libya as encouraging. “Today, we can look with hope at the timid, but encouraging developments in the peace process in Libya. Its chances of success are tied to two factors: the respect of the Libyan people’s ownership of an inclusive solution, and the essential mediation role of the United Nations.”

Conte called for the continuation in the humanitarian work carried out by the UN, and Italy. He stated that, “They complement that path toward a political solution, the only solution that can guarantee lasting peace and stability for Libya.”

The PM hailed the ceasefire, and called for the resumption of oil production throughout the country. He also called for promoting “a fair management of resources,” for the benefit of the entire people.