UNSMIL Calls for Mercenaries’ Withdrawal from Libya


Stephanie Williams, Head of United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), stressed the need to withdraw foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya, and to push forward the political talks.

On Saturday, Williams said it is unacceptable that military equipment still enters Libya daily. She urged the two warring parties in the country to withdraw foreign forces and mercenaries within 90 days of signing the ceasefire agreement.

She also called for the protection of Sirte and its surrounding areas because it is a strategic area in central Libya, where the oil resources of Libya are located.

Williams added, “We have a great focus on protecting Sirte and other populated areas in the central region of Libya … more than 90% of Libya’s petroleum is located there…. That is why we must protect the oil infrastructure there.”

The UN official pointed out that there will be a periodic review of the Central Bank in the capital, Tripoli.

Williams confirmed that holding a presidential election would solve the crisis in Libya.

Earlier this year, the UN launched Operation IRINI off the coast of Libya. The operation is tasked with implementing the arms embargo resolution and gathering intelligence information about the resolution’s violators.