GNA MoD Condemns Tajoura Clashes as Threat to Civilians and Stability


The Ministry of Defence of the Government of National Accord (GNA) said that the clashes that took place on Friday between two battalions in Tajoura, are an act that disrupts security and threatens the safety of civilians.

In a statement, the ministry added that fighting within the GNA does not give immunity to anyone and stressed that everyone is under the law and the rule of the constitution.

The ministry pointed out that all its forces are subject to the orders of the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, and that there is no legitimacy for any party that deviates from his orders.

It also stressed that it would punish anyone who attacks the values of the civil state and threatens the security and safety of Libyans.

Last Friday, violent clashes erupted between militias affiliated with the GNA in Tajoura.

The clashes involved light and medium weapons. The reason for the clashes was that a group from the ‘Daman’ militia fired at two members of the ‘Lions of Tajoura’ and killed them.

The clashes led to the closure of the main road in Bir Usta Milad and significantly intensified after the entry of tanks to the battle.