Egyptian-US FMs Discuss Libya


On Sunday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received a telephone call from his US counterpart, Mike Pompeo. They discussed the latest developments in Libya, as well as the strengthening of bilateral relations.

In a statement issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, both officials affirmed the necessity of enhancing relations on all levels. They noted their unified vision for the ceasefire in Libya, and on the latest developments in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The two also shared concerns over the prolonged violence and instability in Libya. They agreed on the need for a political solution to the crisis. Shoukry reiterated Egypt’s consistent stance on the Libyan issue, and the efforts to support a peaceful settlement through the Cairo Declaration. This initiative was launched on 6 June, by President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, and Libyan Parliament Speaker Ageela Saleh. It involves a ceasefire, a newly elected leadership, and a peace plan for the country.

In June, Shoukry discussed the regional developments in Libya, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen, with Pompeo. He reviewed Egyptian efforts aimed at reaching a peaceful settlement, achieving stability in the region, and confronting terrorism and foreign interference.

Libya has been split since 2014 between two rival administrations: the Tobruk-based Libyan Parliament in the east, and the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), in the west.