UK PM Praises Egypt’s Efforts to Achieve Peace in Libya


On Tuesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi received a phone call from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to discuss a number of regional developments, especially the situation in Libya, according to the Presidency spokesman, Bassam Rady.

During the call, President Sisi affirmed Egypt’s steadfast strategic position regarding the Libyan crisis, noting that the UK looks forward to achieving stability and security in the North African through urging all Libyan parties to show positive and constructive interaction to the various tracks emanating from the Berlin Conference and the Cairo Declaration.

The Egyptian President stressed the importance of holding presidential and parliamentary elections that will help in outlining a start of new phase for the Libyan people towards maintaining peace and stability and ending the chaos of the spread of terrorist groups.

On his part, the British Prime Minister praised the tangible Egyptian efforts aimed to settle the Libyan crisis.
During the phone talks, the Egyptian and British sides agreed on continuing consultation and joint coordination in this regard.

Libya descended into chaos when a NATO-backed uprising in 2011 toppled long-time ruler, Muammar Gaddafi. The instability has led the country to become a major transit point for illegal migrants to Europe