HNEC Prepared to Hold Upcoming Elections


On Wednesday, the Chairman of Libya’s High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad Al-Din Al-Sayeh held a meeting with a number of municipal council heads. They discussed issues related to the constitutional process, and the country’s upcoming elections.

The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Zliten, Muftah Hamadi, Mayor of Al-Zawiya, Jamal Bahr, Mayor of Zintan, Mustafa Al-Barouni, Mayor of Tripoli, Abdel-Raouf Bait Al-Mal, and a member of the HNEC’s Board, Abdel-Hakim Al-Sha’ab.

During the meeting, Al-Sayeh discussed ways for cooperation between the Commission and the municipal councils. This would be through raising awareness levels and providing necessary logistical support for the elections. He also confirmed that HNEC was fully prepared to hold the elections. HNEC’s Chairman indicated that electoral sensitization is a national responsibility that should be shouldered with the municipal councils, as stipulated in the electoral legislation.

Libya’s rival military delegations have concluded talks in Egypt, with a preliminary agreement to exchange prisoners and re-open air and land transit across the country’s divided territory. The face-to-face military talks in Hurghada came amid international pressure on both sides and their foreign backers, to avert an escalation. A preliminary deal was agreed earlier this month, to guide the country toward elections within 18 months, and demilitarise the city of Sirte.