Libyan Interior Minister Sets Out Crackdown Plan on Outlaws


On Saturday, the Interior Minister of the Libyan Interim Government, Ibrahim Bushnaf, ordered the launch of an urgent plan to arrest outlaws in Benghazi and cities under the control of the Libyan Interim Government. The Ministry of the Interior seeks to tighten its security grip on the country.

Bushnaf held an urgent meeting with top officials at the ministry to discuss the current situation in Benghazi and other cities in eastern Libya.

Bushnaf ordered to set up a joint security plan including the Benghazi Security Directorate and the general departments of the Ministry of Interior. “The plan will be implemented from today and run for a month to arrest all outlaws.”

According to an Interior Ministry statement, the minister criticized “the weak security performance and the state of laxity.” “We will not allow the state’s security and the citizen’s security to be lost after the gains made in the previous period,” he added.

Bushnaf directed security forces to repel any attack on any security headquarters by force of arms. He said, “We have issued strict instructions to use weapons to repel any attack on any security headquarters, and this matter is permanent, and we bear its responsibility.”

He revealed that units from the Libyan National Army (LNA), including intelligence and military police, would take part in the plan.

The meeting was attended by the Director of the Benghazi Security Directorate, the Director of the General Administration of Central Support, the Director of the General Administration of Inspection and Follow-up and the Director of the General Department of Criminal Research in charge.