Libyan Interim Government PM Discusses Needs of Tobruk Municipality


On Monday, the Prime Minister of Libya’s Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thinni, discussed the needs of the Tobruk municipality. This was during a meeting with Faraj Abul-Khattabiya, head of Tobruk’s Municipal Council.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Local Government, Dr. Adel Al-Zaidi. The PM reviewed the needs of the municipality in terms of agricultural equipment, medical supplies, and food staples rations.

He also discussed the implementation of a number of infrastructure projects in Tobruk, and ways to overcome the obstacles stalling projects. Water sanitation, and waste management were also discussed as Al-Thinni pledged to provide the necessary funds immediately for such projects.

The Prime Minister also granted permission to the Tobruk Medical Centre to supply a number of medical devices that would help alleviate the suffering of citizens. The Interim Government has taken a series of stringent precautions to confront the COVID-19 epidemic and has been studying the epidemic’s impact on the import of food commodities, and medical supplies.

The government is also working to provide a strategic stockpile of food staples to meet the needs of the local population, until the end of the crisis.