Tajoura Mayor Slams “Corrupt” GECOL


Hussein Bin Attia, mayor of Tajoura municipality, slammed what he called the corruption of employees of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL). He criticized their failure to provide electricity in the war-torn district.

Bin Attia pointed that the staff mobility at GECOL had disturbed the corrupt, “and shook the throne of their interests.” He denounced the “fierce campaign” on social media platforms against moving the staff of GECOL. “When they felt they were losing their position, they mobilised their social-media army, and spread rumours,” he complained.

The mayor accused the workers of GECOL of deliberately increasing loads in order to “humiliate the Libyan people.” “They want to prove to the Libyan people that life with the corrupt is better than attempts at reform. But we respond to them with disapproval, saying: Does that mean the era of Gaddafi is better than yours?” the mayor asked.

Bin Attia said he is betting on the awareness of the Libyan people to stand firmly by what he calls the “Battle of Reform.” He described it by saying: “This will be long, and the remnants of corruption are on their way to shrinking. As long as the people are aware and patient, which I know, and I am sure they will be, corruption in the electricity company is on its way out.”

Notably the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, contacted the Algerian President to bring in experts to solve the national energy problem.

“The Algerian team is completing the Khums station. It is now conducting the final tests for generating electricity,” Bin Attia said. “The German company Siemens is also undertaking maintenance work. I would like to thank all the patriots who work in silence,” he added.

GECOL has announced that it has dispatched technicians from Siemens, for the annual maintenance of several power plants.

During September, protesters took to the streets to express their anger over the constant power cuts, fuel shortages, and the high cost of living.