Libyan Parliament MP Praises Efforts Made to Combat Human Trafficking


The head of the Libyan Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Youssef Al-Agouri, praised efforts made to combat human trafficking and hold those involved in such crimes, accountable.

In a statement, Al-Agouri stressed the importance of accountability, highlighting the vital role played by security bodies in combating the crisis.

He also hailed the efforts made to lift the social protection for those involved in smuggling gangs, which helps security bodies to bring them to justice.

Al-Agouri explained that the issue of human trafficking, and the ill-treatment of illegal migrants is among the priorities of the Parliament. He noted that MPs will work to develop relevant national legislations, raise the efficiency of the competent agencies, and strengthen cooperation with specialised organisations and neighbouring countries.

The UN Security Council unanimously agreed on Friday, to extend a resolution that authorises European countries to intercept vessels suspected of smuggling migrants from Libya.

Resolution 2546 proposed by Germany, was extended for an additional 12-month period. This is due to last from Friday, until 2 October 2021.
The resolution requests the UN Secretary-General to report to the members of the Council, on the implementation of this resolution.

It “condemns all acts of migrant smuggling and human trafficking into, through, and from Libyan territory and off the coast of Libya.” It also condemns that such acts “further undermines the process of stabilisation of Libya, and endangers the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”