Military Prosecutor Gives Public Land Aggressors Deadline


The Libyan National Army’s (LNA) Military Prosecutor, Major General Faraj Al-Sousaa, gave aggressors of private and public lands a week to leave their stolen property. He said the military will use power if necessary, to evacuate the aggressors.

In 2019, the leader of the LNA, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, issued a decree allowing the army to expropriate private and public properties. The decree specifically detailed the LNA would compensate those affected by the decision.

The statement delivered by Al-Sousaa confirmed that deterrent legal measures will be taken against violators of the decree. “The decision includes military personnel, and impersonators, as well as the forces supporting them,” he noted.

“The territory in which any military units claim to belong to the armed forces will be evacuated. They will be evacuated, whether they are in private or public sites, as long as they do not have instructions for being stationed in these areas,” he explained.

Al-Sousaa stressed that it is not permissible to demand the return of lands, that have been expropriated for the public benefit. “But those affected have the right to demand material compensation, in accordance with the law,” he claimed.