Libyan Mayor Remanded to Jail over Deliberate Blackouts


On Tuesday, the Investigation Department of the Libyan Attorney General’s Office has ordered the Janzour Municipality’s mayor, Faraj Aban, to be remanded to jail over charges of abuse of power and position.

According to the investigations’ outcomes, Aban has ordered workers at an electricity power transmission plant west of Tripoli, not to implement the load-shedding program already in place in order to maintain the power network’s stability and achieve impartial distribution of power among Libyan regions.

It added that this causes frequent blackouts in certain regions nationwide for long hours.

Aban had ordered the workers to maintain power supply to certain areas, whilst electricity was cut off to other areas for extended periods.

On 4 October, the Investigation Department has ordered the arrest of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Abu Bakr Al-Jafal, on charges of corruption.

The Information Department of the Public Prosecutor’s office stated that the detention order for Al-Jafal came on the back of allegations of abuse of others finances and the wasting of public funds.

Electricity supply has deteriorated this year, leading to protests last month in Tripoli and adding to poor living standards amid a surge in Covid-19 cases.