Libya’s Eastern Interior Minister Begins Plan to Strengthen Benghazi’s Security


The Head of the Criminal Investigation Department in Benghazi, Lieutenant Colonel Ashraf Al-Faidi, announced the launch of a security plan designed to secure the city of Benghazi. This is according to instructions given by the Interim Government’s Interior Minister, Ibrahim Bushnaf.

Al-Faidi clarified that the security plan is set to maintain the security and stability of Benghazi. In press statements, he revealed this would be under the supervision of the Interior Minister, and Adel Abdel-Aziz, the Head of Benghazi’s Security Directorate.

This step was directed by Bushnaf, due to a number of recent security breaches in the city. The most recent of which happened on Dubai Street, when a number of gunmen closed roads and harassed citizens.

This plan will be carried out by all the security services of the Ministry of Interior, including the Relief and Central Support Service, General Investigations, the Benghazi Security Directorate, the Internal Security Agency, and all police stations.
Al-Faidi added that this will contribute to uniting efforts to enhance security within the city, by creating random outposts, as well as combating armed robbery, car theft, and drug promotion.

The Lieutenant Colonel concluded his statement by saying: “May God grant success to everyone in protecting our city. We ask God for success, and we ask all citizens to cooperate with all security personnel, who are vigilant to protect them.”