Libya’s Electricity Company Warns of Worsening Theft & Looting of Network


On Wednesday, the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) said that the continued acts of theft, looting, and attacks against the electrical network, have caused additional losses to the company.

In its statement, the company added that these actions have increased significantly, and in multiple regions.

It stated that employees are still working on repairing distribution line that have been looted by criminal groups. These criminal groups often try to benefit from stealing copper wires and re-selling them on the black market.

The statement pointed out that these “irresponsible acts of theft” have led to entire neighbourhoods staying without electricity and their inhabitants being “plunged into darkness for long hours.”

GECOL explained that the latest of these attacks was the theft of 1,650 metres of 11kV cables at the Khallet Fares fuel line. Three poles there are also reported to have been destroyed.