Libyan Rivals Meet in Malta for Reconciliation


A group of politicians from different parts of Libya met face-to face in Malta to discuss national unity and reconciliation among Libyans after nine years of war.

The Maltese Foreign Minister, Evarist Bartolo, received the Libyan group and held talks with them. Bartolo called on the Libyan parties to work together, forgive each other and build national unity with the same resolve they need to rebuild airports, power stations, electricity, water services, hospitals, schools and homes that were destroyed by war.

Bartolo met with the head of Libya’s “Ya Baladi” Movement, Nuri Abu Sahmain. They discussed recent developments related to the Libyan political scene and exchanged views regarding the possibility of presenting quick and urgent proposals to solve the Libyan crisis. Reports said that Abu Sahmain will also hold a meeting with Malta’s President, George Vella.

Bartolo stressed that any initiative for peace and unity in Libya should be guided by the United Nations and the Berlin process. He affirmed that no initiatives should be taken that could disrupt and spoil the delicate and difficult efforts which led to the ceasefire agreement. According to him, the continuation of the ceasefire and political talks will lead to a Libyan revival, and to the end of the long-endured suffering of the Libyan people.