Libya’s Tobruk Refinery Operates at Full Capacity


On Friday, the Arab Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) announced that the Tobruk refinery has returned to work at full capacity and now reached production levels of 20 thousand barrels on Friday.

The tanker ARIN arrived at the Brega Company’s dock in Tobruk, in order to ship 25,000 metric tons of heavy oil. Brega Company is one of the oil companies present at Tobruk Refinery, which is affiliated with the AGOCO.

The AGOCO added that the Acting Chairman of its Management Committee, Fadlallah Ihtita, confirmed that the return of Tobruk refinery to its full production capacity “would contribute significantly to solving many problems of diesel fuel shortages and other petroleum products in the local market.”
In September Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar announced the resumption of oil production and export, “as long as funds are not used to finance terrorism.”

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) expects the oil fields to produce about 300,000 barrels per day, by next week. Notably, Libya’s daily oil production was more than 1.2 million barrels, before the blockade.